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Red Sky has found five common areas of difficulty that companies face when growing out their partner channel market:
Time investment
Competitive edge and expertise
Not knowing where to begin
Measuring ROI
Failure rate and understanding the competitive market
Through our five-step process we break down Channel Partner Marketing into an approachable plan.
Recruiting & onboarding
Attract, support, and train partners so they can sell effectively and successfully.
  • Recruit. Add partners or direct sales resources to your existing routes to market.
  • Develop. Establish a new route to market either through a new or existing channel and direct resources.
Digital Marketing
Managing lead flow
Maximize the potential of every lead.
  • Effectively share leads with your channel partners and provide targeted support throughout the sales cycle to help your partners close more deals.
Digital Marketing
Training and enabling
Prepare and assist partners to sell and support your products and services.
  • Proper training efforts must be provided by the vendor for the partner to succeed in identifying proper customer prospects, in what they’ll need to move deals forward.
  • Provide both business and technical aspects of products and solutions.
Digital Marketing
Manage partners
Coordinate existing applications into a secure and seamless channel management solution.
  • Enable deal registration across the partner network.
  • Deliver qualified leads down to partners for executing the sales process.
  • Produce actionable reporting and analysis of lead and sales conversions.
  • Segment reporting information across partner types, geographies, and product categories.
Digital Marketing
Gain insight by monitoring key indicators that drive success at all levels.
  • Monitor and manage to maximize the relationship.
  • Grow. Expand and extend the capabilities of existing partners and direct resources to extend product or customer offerings.
With each of our process steps we have tools that we have created or manage that we use to maximize our results.
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  • 10-year track record of successful, high-profile engagements for F500 customers in technology, health care, finance, manufacturing, and others;
  • Our world-class Marketing, UX/UI, and Project Management credentialed leadership and consultants;
  • Battle-tested proprietary IP solutions that are running mission-critical processes in F500 clients today.
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