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Whether you want to introduce a new sales initiative into your offering or you are growing out a channel market, you can use Empower$ to help manage the process.
What is Empower$
Empower$ is a cloud-ready Partner Channel Enablement Tool that tracks partner investment and customer opportunities. It helps you track your partner channel investments, whether you are growing your market from one partner to 30,000 partners. Sales teams can share knowledge about their best partners that creates a way for you to manage and identify your growth partners. Utilizing a centralized, data driven BI dashboard, Empower$ allows for enhanced visibility and tracking of customer opportunities through the use of machine learning and AI data driven points. It also allows for security configuration and access to multiple programs at once.
Key features of Empower$
Provide insights into sales-ready and marketing-ready intelligent leads
Easily customizable
Customer 360 intelligence anywhere: CRM, browser, marketing, etc
Segment data based on specific signals, customer fit, or buying intent
Receive status change alerts for current or potential customers
Reach your customers at the right time with the right message
Why Choose RED SKY
  • 10-year track record of successful, high-profile engagements for F500 customers in technology, health care, finance, manufacturing, and others;
  • Our world-class Marketing, UX/UI, and Project Management credentialed leadership and consultants;
  • Battle-tested proprietary IP solutions that are running mission-critical processes in F500 clients today.
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